Exhibitors 2020

Here you can see the exhibitors who are expected to take part in the exhibition. The current exhibitor summary is available as download and print version.

The final list will be available in January/February 2020.

Asendorfer Orchideenzucht (Germany)

Website: asendorfer-orchideenzucht.com

Atlantic Rain Forest Orchids (Brazil)

Befort Gartenbau (Germany)

Website: befort-gartenbau.de

Ching Hua Orchids (Taiwan)

Website: hinghuaorchids.com.tw

Cramer Orchideen (Germany)

Website: cramer-orchideen.de

Currlin Orchideen (Germany)

Website: currlin.com

Ecuadorquideas Carmen Apolo (Ecuador)

Eisenheimer Orchideengärtnerei (Germany)

Floralia Orquideas (Brazil)

Website: floraliavirtual.com.br

Gartenwerkstatt Schreiner (Germany)

Website: gartenwerkstatt-schreiner.de

Kakteengärtnerei Bruckner (Austria)

Kakteen und andere Sukkulenten – Rozumilowski Adolf (Austria)

Karnivoren (Czech Republic)

Kopf Orchideen (Germany)

Website: kopf-orchideen.de

Lavault Diffusion Paris Orchideenschmuck (France)

Website: bijoux-lavault.com

Marczika Andra’s (Hungary)

Website: orchideacsodak.hu

Mt. Sumagaya Creek Orchids (Philippines)

Webseite: orchidhouseasia.com

Orchideen Frenzel (Germany)

Orchideen Lucke (Germany)

Website: orchideen-lucke.de

Orchideenzubehör Meyer (Germany)

Website: orchideecomeback.de

Orchideenvermehrung Ederer (Austria)

Website: orchideenvermehrung.at

OrchideenZauber (Germany)

Website: orchideenzauber.eu

organics international (Germany)

Website: organics-int.net

Orquideas Amazonicas (Peru)

by Agro Oriente Viveros S.A.C.

Website: orquideasamazonicas.com

Orquideas Katia (Colombia)

Website: orquideaskatia.com

Röllke Orchideenzucht (Germany)

Website: roellke-orchideen.de

Sun Moon Orchids (Taiwan)

Terra Kuruna Orchid (Czech Republic)

Tillandsien – Hromadnik Liselotte (Austria)

Website: tillandsia.at