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The Vienna Orchid Society is a non-profit association that is organizing the 15th International Orchid Show at the Hirschstetten Flower Gardens from 21-25 February 2024. This orchid show is one of the top excursion destinations in the cold season. It is prepared and organized exclusively by club members in cooperation with Jugend am Werk. The members of the Vienna Orchid Society work on a voluntary basis.

Visitors can expect a fascinating sea of flowers on around 2,400 m2 of exhibition space in two greenhouses. More than 30 exhibitors from the continents of Europe, Asia, Central and South America – from 13 different countries – provide a special variety of natural forms and cultivated hybrids, as well as varied arrangements of exhibition and sales stands.

Palmenhaus Kulinarik” will provide for your physical well-being.

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The Vienna Orchid Society and the Austrian Orchid Society have been organizing the International Orchid and Tillandsia Show since 1994, now for the 12th time in the Hirschstetten Flower Gardens.

The unique “glass house atmosphere” at this exhibition is (almost) unique. The natural daylight allows visitors to experience the beauty of the orchids in a similar way to their natural habitats.
In terms of the size of the exhibition, the number of exhibitors and orchid growers, this exhibition is one of the largest and most beautiful in Europe. Exhibitors from Europe, Asia and Latin America show thousands of orchids, offering something for every enthusiastic orchid collector.

Information about the Vienna Orchid Society can be found under the following
link www.orchideen-wien.at.

We look forward to your visit to the Hirschstetten Flower Gardens.

Impressions from 1994

Setup of the exhibition 2014

Film producer: Philipp Blihall und Tina Freyer

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